Denver artist, Stuns onlookers.


By: ManiacRamblin (sept. 16th)

Denver, downtown, 16th St. mall.

“May, the sharing of this piece of artistry bring to you, enlightenment.”

by ManiacRamblin


Be Inspired, Follow Your Dream!


Have you ever felt like you were floating in an ocean on a little dingy surrounded by a vast horizon with no land in sight.

If yes.. Then my story is for you.

My story, is not one like you’ve read before. This story is not complete. In fact this story has only just began. Right now, this very moment. I am sitting in a two bedroom apartment, days to go until eviction, days to go to homelessness and not for the first time. No I’m not a financial guru, no I’m not even considered successful to anyone but… Well ok to no one really. ┬áBut I will succeed. I will be successful. Even with all the many challenges I must yet to face, I will overcome and reach that next level.

What makes me so confident? The answer is simple yet complex all at the same time.

It will happen because I want it to happen. I will succeed now why? Why now and not all the times I’ve tried before. Because this time I have the one thing I had not before. Desire. True Desire.

Passion, true passion. I will not let these minor roadblocks disrupt what is mine by right. A secure financial future. So stay tuned, check back often, and be inspired. For my journey can be your journey to. The journey to find our own: Fortune4Life